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Ask the Author: Brigadier General Stewart and Logistics Observations

The Association of Marine Corps Logisticians (AMCL) hosted Brigadier General Kevin J. Stewart, USMC, former commanding general of 2d Marine Logistics Group (MLG) on 8 April 2021 to discuss his latest article Logistics Observations: Lessons from the Commander of 2d MLG published in the March 2021 issue of the Marine Corps Gazette. The inaugural “Ask the Author” event is one of many new services AMCL is delivering in 2021 to promote logistics excellence, innovative thinking, and productive discourse in the logistics community.

Listen/watch to the recorded event for a trove of insight and context behind BGen Stewart’s 10 observations and challenges to re-imagine the future of Marine Corps logistics. We start with a story on leadership and end with an outstanding exchange of ideas on the future of training and education for logisticians, which includes a broad and inclusive community of people.

All opinions of the speakers and attendees are solely their own and do not represent the Marine Corps or any other institutions for which they may be associated to.

"As Marines…logistics is important but at the end of the day we live and breath leadership and that’s what separates us. To be a good logistician you've got to be a good leader."
  • Observation #1: Operational-level logistics is not adequately resourced or designed to meet future warfighting requirements.

"Who's doing operational logistics?"
  • Observation #2: Existing logistics systems are not capable of meeting future warfighting requirements.

  • Observation #3: The current structure of the MLG is not optimized to meet future warfighting requirements.

  • Observation #4: The direct support (DS) combat logistics battalion (CLB) is not designed to provide all necessary logistics support to a regimental combat team.

  • Observation #5: The Force 2025 decision to deactivate the combat logistics regiment (CLR) X5’s across the Marine Corps has left a “materiel readiness” shortfall.

  • Observation #6: Intermediate supply and maintenance processes are not designed to meet future warfighting requirements.

"We're focused on an 'org chart' for 2030 but what are the processes that will enable the logistics support that we're going to modernize...people, processes, technology...we've become so enamored with 'org chart' and that's the focus."
  • Observation #7: While there is excess equipment that needs to be disposed, a review from an OPLAN execution lens is necessary.

  • Observation #8: Logistics “Services” are given little attention but play an essential role.

"Expeditionary contractors...I love the concept we always hear today...21st century foraging...okay, well hopefully we're on these remote islands, there's stuff to forage and there's enough contracting [officers] to do the foraging."
  • Observation #9: The Marine Logistics Group concept of echeloning C2 from a forward to a main is not resourced appropriately.

  • Observation #10: Current training pipeline is not producing the logistician we need to meet future warfighting requirements.

“I think the success of the Marine Corps is also just about finding the right freakin’ Marine…somebody who’s a hard worker, wants to serve his country, do good…all those things we talk about as those intangibles of being a Marine...I think you get the good individual, point them in the right direction, they’ll figure out all the other...technical specialties they need to be successful.”

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Wish I could have dialed in. We had a brief going concurrent with this event. I hope to be able to join the next one I will watch this on the rower in the morning though!

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