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AMCL aims to enhance and cultivate the United States Marine

Corps logistics and supply chain professional community by promoting quality professional development of Marine Corps logisticians, identifying and sharing DoD and industry best practices, and providing an open forum for the development and exchange of ideas.

AMCL is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity and is currently focused on building interest in the National Capital Region, but plans to expand to every Marine Corps base and installation soon.

Our Pillars

Professional Education

AMCL focuses on providing opportunities for informal professional education.  This includes topics of discussion from different elements of the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF), other services or agencies, and industry.  Marine Corps logisticians are experts at tactical level of support but must rely on outside organizations for operational level logistics.  AMCL will seek to expose Marines to other organizations across the Joint Logistics Enterprise (JLEnt) and industry in order to better enable interoperability across services and agencies.


The career paths and availability of mentors for junior logisticians can vary widely depending on which element of the MAGTF they are assigned. The wealth of knowledge that our senior leaders and former Marines now working in industry possess is invaluable. Until now our community has not had a forum to pass on that experience. AMCL will strive to enable future logistics leaders by providing access to more senior mentors, both active and retired, in a variety of venues.

Innovative Thinking

AMCL promotes innovation by providing a collaborative venue to introduce and explore ideas between our members.   Within any organization, the best ideas can originate from the most unlikely of places.  AMCL aims to provide a forum in which these ideas can come to light.  AMCL also strives to expose logisticians to emerging ideas and techniques from industry.  AMCL members are encouraged to write thought provoking articles for publication in service and industry journals.  AMCL hosts a blog on this site to expand our member’s publication opportunities and provide a sounding board for article development.

Open Communication

AMCL is intended to serve as a leveling function among logisticians that span the MAGTF by enabling interaction between different elements and specialties.  By better understanding the requirements and capabilities of fellow support specialties, we can better articulate and manage logistics support for operations.

Logisticians in operational billets, particularly junior officers, can become isolated from emerging ideas within DoD.   Poor enterprise communication within the professional community can contribute to misunderstandings that result in headquarters logistics initiatives that depart from operating force priorities.  Conversely, a well designed initiative from headquarters may receive non-concurrence from operating forces simply due to poor understanding of the underlying concepts.   AMCL is intended to provide an informal communications channel to circulate ideas and collect feedback that would enhance the ability of headquarters level decision makers to stay current with, educate, and influence the force, while allowing the operating forces to advocate for their requirements and influence enterprise priorities

Trust and Unity

The Marine Corps is a people business, and this is especially true among the support MOS’s where we are called upon to task organize to a greater degree than our combat arms counterparts.  Marine Corps logisticians span the MAGTF,  but with this dispersion, the community tends to lack a professional network compared to the more concentrated aviation and combat arms specialties.   Building familiarity between Marines who may have to work together on a moment’s notice, helps to overcome friction when our nation is called to arms – increasing both readiness and effectiveness.

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