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Industry Sponsors

Our industry sponsors help AMCL serve Marines. They provide valuable insight into industry best practices, and fund training and educational opportunities related topics involving logistics and the supply chain. 

Thank you! 

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Become a sponsor today.


As an AMCL Gold Level Partner,

you will receive:

- Invitations to AMCL members only events

- Company logo on the AMCL Partner's page

- Company website linked to the AMCL Partner's page

- Select company news releases featured on AMCL social media

- Opportunity to host an AMCL event or tour


As an AMCL Red Level Partner,

you will receive:

- Gold Partner benefits

- Five company owned transferable individual memberships

- Invitations to participate in AMCL leadership committees


As an AMCL Black Level Partner,

you will receive:

- Gold and Red level partner benefits

- Ability to direct sponsorship funding to specific efforts

- Five 30-day Online Job Listings on the AMCL website

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