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AMCL Writing Mentorship

The AMCL writing mentorship program aims to link writers that are passionate about a topic with more experienced mentors to improve the quality and influence of their writing.   This is intended to improve the quality of the AMCL blog, but if we inadvertently improve the quality of logistics writing for other publications, then we will have to live with it.


We are looking for both mentors and writers.   Contact if you are interested.

AMCL Connections

AMCL is occasionally offered unique opportunities for a limited number of members to participate in professional development events such as conferences or behind the scenes tours.  AMCL aims to quickly connect interested member with these opportunities.  Subscribed members will receive e-mail notification when an opportunity arises.   


Selection criteria varies depending on the event and sponsors preferences.  Members will work directly with the sponsoring organization and are for any costs not provided by the sponsor. 

Visit our events page to find details on our next AMCL Connections opportunity.


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