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Established in 2018, AMCL’s vision is to be an active, influential, and innovative professional organization that serves the Marine Corps logistics and combat service support community by fostering mentorship, networking, and professional education; and to serve as a hub of interaction and collaboration to share ideas with Department of Defense (DoD), industry, small business and academic professionals. To further support those individuals who inspire and emulate this vision throughout the Marine Corps, AMCL established an AMCL Awards Program in 2023. 


The AMCL awards program recognizes exceptional members within the Marine Corps community who embody the mission and vision of AMCL. This program serves to provide opportunities across the Marine Corps to highlight critical thinkers who strive to leverage innovation, best business practices, and emerging technologies in order to address  current and future logistics challenges. 


We encourage submissions in line with each awards category.

The rank/grades should be a reference point and are included as a guideline, but should not be viewed as a barrier. 

We encourage and will consider all quality submissions.

2023 Awardees will be invited to receive their award during the AMCL Symposium scheduled for 8-10 August 2023 in Newport News, Virginia.

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Video outlining a new initiative that can be a service or product that the Marine Corps Leadership should adopt.

Future Logistics Initiative

1000-2000 Word Essay based on a specific prompt

Proposed Solution to a Current Problem 

No more than 1500 words via a formatted proposal document.  Can include DoD organic and non-organic solutions

Marine Corps 2060: Fictional Short Story 

Who, what, and where we will be fighting? How we will leverage technology, and how will our Marines operate in a contested environment?

Innovation:  Partnership Proposal

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Identify new training or public/private partnership opportunities that could support Marine Corps’ future warfighting concepts

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