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Happy Birthday Marines!

Beach fuel depot, Battle for Okinawa, April 1945

On this, the 244th anniversary of the founding of our Corps, the Association of Marine Corps Logisticians wishes the all those who have served a very heartfelt Happy Birthday!

It has been an exciting and inspiring year for Marine Corps logistics. The Commandant is forcing the Corps to rethink how it will operate in future fights, and this means that logistics and supply has to modernize if it is going to extend Marine lethality. The push towards naval integration also brings logistics professionals back to naval roots. The Corps’ impressive record of conquering unique challenges in naval theaters and supporting a force over the shore is a large reason why the Marine Corps is in a class of its own.

November is a time of reflection for all Marines, past and present. While this past year has been a year of change, there are boundless opportunities, and many challenges, for the Marine Corps looking forward. Now is the time to come together for professional camaraderie, to share ideas that will shape the future of the Corps and extend the traditions of excellence to the next generation. AMCL is here to support.

Happy Birthday Marines.

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